The Grandmother Tree Foundation

The Grandmother Tree Foundation is a 501(c)(3) that champions informative projects designed to increase human health, peace and happiness. We believe in the transformative ability of the human mind and heart to create resonance and alignment with thoughts, feelings, speech, action and attitude that is uplifting in nature. As well, we recognize that human beings are capable of positive creation within themselves and in the world through conscious communication. We support projects and ideas that contribute to the core belief of loving kindness for all sentient beings.

Current Projects

Six Roses Press is an independent book publisher whose works include “In The Arms of The Grandmother Tree,” a children’s book lauded for its positive impact to help children feel loved and increase their sense of well-being in the world. The book has been translated into eight languages, including Braille.

The purpose of “In The Arms Of The Grandmother Tree” is to ignite the flame of loving kindness that lives deep in the heart. It is a tale of the imagination that helps both children and adults connect deeply with their feelings and intelligence and teaches them to make conscious and intuitive decisions. The Grandmother Tree is a symbol of all nature and a peaceful, powerful presence and resource for everyone who comes to her. She is a loving place to return again and again to express deep feelings and draw strength and resilience from her teachings. “In The Arms of the Grandmother Tree” honors the beauty and innocence in each of us – we are all are deserving of love, hope and happiness.

The RESET Initiative, (Respiratory Exercises for Social Emotional Teaching) is a dynamic, daily seven-minute program designed by Dr. Joseph Michael Levry that combines breathing, movement and vocal exercises to help young students maximize their capacity to learn, be creative and achieve a state of calm attentiveness. Taught together, these exercises produce sustained, positive emotional and physiological results in and outside the classroom.

The RESET Initiative was originally released in Mexico City, and is lauded by parents and teachers for its tangible effects on children’s mental and emotional health. This powerful and effective program is currently expanding in the United States and beyond, with plans to bring this technique to people worldwide in hospitals, recovery and domestic violence centers, as well as into the corporate world. The goal is to expand partnerships worldwide to empower people with dynamic breathing techniques, sound and movement to transition from a state of overstimulation and reactiveness to empowered and effective responsiveness. All of us have been deeply affected by upheaval in our world; the RESET Initiative provides the opportunity to strengthen the immune and nervous systems and build physical health while improving mental and emotional resilience. Those who regularly engage in this practice are refreshed, renewed and refocused. The RESET Initiative gives the opportunity to do just that – to reset and connect back to a core state of being that is healthy, peaceful and openhearted.

The Grandmother Tree Foundation plans to expand its reach worldwide as it develops diverse projects that can benefit a wide audience. Please feel free to follow us on our journey on social media. May the seeds we have planted grow to produce beautiful results that create greater global understanding and physical, mental and emotional health for all beings.
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